How to Find and Join Pinterest Group Boards

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in how to gain a following on social media. Precisely, how to find and join Pinterest group boards. If you’re on Pinterest, you would know that this app is an amazing tool to get your product or service noticed. If you don’t have your own Pinterest account, then it’s high time that you did. Social media visibility is everything. You incorporate a link or a landing page to your Pin and if you have a website to where that link leads to, then half of the marketing work is done.

But getting your Pin noticed is another matter.

The easy solution?


If you want to get your Pin noticed, you have to understand that not everyone will be able to see it, especially if you have under 500 followers, but put your Pin in a venue where there are 50,000 followers? Then that could be the key to making all the difference.

Here are the benefits to joining a Pinterest group board.

  1. Your Pin will get noticed.
  2. You are able to gain new followers more quickly.

These will be possible especially if you have amazing pinnable content. Then people are bound to take notice.

So how do you do it?

Start with going to the website where you can easily find different group boards of various categories. You can easily find what you’re searching for on the search bar. It looks something like this. Pin-Groupie

You can hover your mouse over the description tag to see instructions on how to be a member. Note that some group leaders are cautious about spam so they filter out the people who want to join. Some may ask you to email them first or fill out a form before you can pin on their boards. Boards with the most number of followers usually have stricter rules. Also, take note that boards listed on PinGroupie usually have over 500 followers.

Once on, always be courteous and considerate of all members of the board. Don’t spam and pin quality pins.

If you’re interested in creating the perfect pin, I made “The Perfect Pin” checklist to help you out. Download it for FREE by clicking the image below.

Good luck and happy pinning!


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