Do’s and Don’ts of Twitter Etiquette

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Twitter is KING when it comes to giving real-time updates. This social media platform allows you to read latest news and updates from anywhere in the world and the system works because you can cover more data in a shorter amount of time. You’ve heard of using Twitter to market your products, but have you heard of how to do it effectively and efficiently? How about what not to do? Here, I will relay tips on how to build Twitter rapport and how to avoid your followers from clicking the unfollow button.

Twitter Do’s:

  • Brand your Twitter Page: Twitters gives you a profile page where you can showcase your brand’s creativity, along with the web addresses of your online properties. Customize your page to reflect your brand’s look and voice.
  • Follow Influencers: Use Twitter’s search tool to find people who are actively sharing your information on the platform. Take every opportunity to retweet anyone that offers quality information on Twitter. Your willingness to share the stage will be noticed and reciprocated by other savvy social marketers.
  • Promote your content: You already do know some consider it unprofessional to promote your own content on Twitter. But don’t listen to them. They are wrong. Tweet your content to your audience on a regular basis. I recommend scheduling professional tweets in the morning (8 am), around the afternoon during lunch, and in the evening between 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. This will make sure that your tweets don’t get lost in cyberspace.
  • Be polite: Make it a point to thank people for retweets and mentions. Your positive reinforcement will get more retweets and shares from people following your Twitter feed.
  • Add Twitter Follow and Retweet Buttons: Twitter’s retweet button allows readers to share your contend with their own audience with one click. The Twitter follow button on the other hand, makes visitors easily follow your account. Place these buttons at prominent positions near your content.


  • Overtweet: Too much of one thing isn’t the wisest decision and overtweeting may allow your followers to lose any valuable information you may be sharing. Your Twitter stream should be a drinking fountain and not a fire hose. I recommend a pace of around one tweet per hour during your audience’s working day. You can up your tempo to two or three posts per hour if you cater to an audience that actively uses Twitter to find and curate information.
  • Hero worship: People tend to retweet popular influencers and ignore smaller publications or rising stars. This isn’t a good strategy. It takes a concerted and time- intensive strategy to get top influencers to notice and retweet your content. You’ll find that the smaller players are most likely to retweet your stuff. And every retweet counts!
  • Share links only: Your audience wants your opinion about the links you retweet. By simply hitting the retweet button offers little value to your audience. Make it a practice to include a few words of endorsement or editorial to the majority of your retweeted links.

Hope this helps! Have fun tweeting!


SOURCE: Strategic Digital Marketing by Eric Greenberg and Alexander Kates

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