How to Get Your Content on Google

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It doesn’t matter how awesome your content is. If they can’t find it, they won’t see it. It’s that simple. Nobody really clicks on page 8 of Google’s search page. And as we all know, in terms of web search, Google is KING!


Here are a couple of ways:

GET FOUND BY THE SPIDER. Search engines have a special program called a ‘spider’ that crawls the web to find all the content it can regarding a certain topic.

USE A SITEMAP. To make it easier for the spider, you can check out SiteMaps to find FREE ways to give the search engines a list of all your pages so nothing is missed out.

PING THE SEARCH ENGINES. Some kinds of content, such as blogs and product catalogs, are great candidates for alerting the search engine using RSS feds (or other forms of web feeds) when new or changed content is available. There are FREE services available such as Ping-o-Matic that does a great job.

Once the search engine finds your content, it stores it in a special file called the web search index. The search engine consults the index each time a searcher conducts a search, so any pages not in the search index will never be included in the search results. You can check out GoogleGoogle and Bing’s Webmaster Tools sites to figure out how many pages from your website are on the search engine’s index.

In the event that not all your content is indexed, then it might be because the spider cannot find your page as it may include Flash content. This kind of content is something that spiders generally have trouble with. Your page may also load too slowly. Try using Google’s PageSpeed Tool or  YSlow to pinpoint the causes.

Another unexpected reason why your page may not show up on the search engines is because it is being penalized. This happens when you load your page with spam, and this violates search engine’s terms of service. When search engines detect such content, they may penalize your website by lowering its ranking or removing it from being listed at all. It’s unusual, but it has happened before. In fact, BMW was previously penalized and was banned from Google years ago.



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