Top Marketing Mistakes Business Owners Make

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Entrepreneurs hate marketing, which is why they often hire others to do it for them. But if you’re selling a service or a product and you want people to keep buying, you need to put in the time and the effort. If you do both and don’t get the results that you want, then you may be doing the following mistakes.

Your target audience is wrong

Not everyone with money is going to buy what you’re offering, so you might as well place your product in front of those who can’t pass it up. But it has to appeal to them. For instance, if you’re marketing a product for women and your marketing collaterals are in blue, do you honestly think that it would be noticed by the female demographic? No. But marketing materials in pink, red or purple may do the trick.

Never underestimate your stats or your analytics. Figure out your target audience and learn more about them. What websites do they like to visit? What blogs do they like to read? Can you fix their problems?

You don’t have a strategy

Whatever it is you have to offer, 99% of the time, someone else has done it before somewhere in the world. But what can set you apart is strategy. Successful entrepreneurs are the way they are because they hacked a strategy that worked for them. It’s your job to find what works for you too. If you feel that Facebook marketing is your edge and you’re good at it, then keep at it and develop a strategy that will put your product out there. Others may opt for the e-mail mailing list trick. Whatever it is, map out a plan and keep on track.

You don’t ACT

Planning without action is just that- a plan. You can draw a building on paper but it means nothing if you can’t BUILD it in real life. Don’t just spend your time planning and planning and never following through. Set aside time every week if not every day to take action. Set goals on your to-do lists. Instead of simply scrolling thru your feed, gather ideas for your own business. Whatever you do, make sure that every minute of your day is spent being productive somehow.

No consistency

99.99% of entrepreneurs fail at what they do because they aren’t consistent. It’s easy to be intimidated by the fact that you’re starting out and whatever it is you have going is something small. But guess what? EVERYONE starts out that way! Huffington Post for example, started out being a simple blog but look at where it’s gotten today! HP now has a huge readership and is one of the top earners right now, averaging around $ 14 million a month. But back when it started, nobody knew what it was. Can you imagine the amount of profit HP could have wasted if it just gave up early on?

You rely solely on yourself

Don’t make the mistake of doing everything yourself. Not only will you get burned out, but you’re also likely to give up after awhile. If you don’t know something, it’s okay to hire someone to do it for you. It’s okay to consult others. You’re not just paying them for their expertise, but also for their time. Give yourself some time to relax. It’s okay to ask for help. And if your helpers make a mistake, that’s okay too. Business is a learning process. Not everyone gets everything right the first time.



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